Ultra fraggola mirror is worth the hype?


With pure modernist and eclectic vision taking over interior design trends, you may have noticed an Ultrafragola mirror, which became a statement piece of the living room space. 


Ultra fragola ... This beautiful name and the mirror itself were designed in the 1970s by the Italian architect, industrial designer, and philosopher Ettore Sottsass.

 «As for the lights that are coming out of “The grey furniture”, don’t tomb always have a trembling light to illuminate the blue of the spirits wandering in the valley of dust? Don’t submarines have a trembling green light in their belly? The lights anyway are supposed to come out from the fiberglass bodies"

In other words, Ultra fragola is more than a mirror, it is the definition of 70s design. Which was more sexy and fun, bringing nature from the outdoors indoors and experimenting with such materials as plastic or rubber. Fragola in Italian stands for strawberry, which explains the color, however many don’t know that Ultra fragola mirror/lamp, mimics long wavy hair with its long curvy lines. It was a part of the “Mobili Grigi” furniture collection designed by Ettore Sottsass for the Poltronova brand and presented at the Euro Domus in 1970. The collection didn’t face huge success and the furniture was discontinued, everything but the Ultrafragola mirror/lamp. Probably, the public was not yet ready for that type of bold innovation, but it is differently ready to implement it now. 

The 70s did have some questionable choices like dusty carpet floors or overwhelming color clash, but nowadays approach is more minimalistic, picking only the statements designs like Ultra fragola and providing it with well-deserved attention, curating a space that is not only instagramable but feels extremely comfortable.